This winter, sweaters are making fashion statements. From being the drab old peoples winter wear, the sweater has come a long way to become a glamorous outdoor winter wear. They are giving a tough fight to the jackets in finding their rightful place in a mens wardrobe. Premium clothing manufacturers like Monte Carlo have revolutionized the product as a mainstream upmarket winter wear with awesome new designs launched every season.

The Sweater And The Pullover

The sweaters are also classified as pullovers. Though both have similarities, the men’s sweater is often referred to the sleeves less type with a v-neck, with or without full front buttons and the pullover as a round, v-neck or turtle neck with double fold and with full sleeves without buttons. The sweater can be worn from top down or the buttoned down, whereas the pull over is only worn thru the head. The style between the two also suggests the level of protection one offers. The sweater is often worn for mild weather conditions and the pullover protects against harsh cold weather with chilly winds. Both don’t have hoods so the best protection for head will be a woolen cap or a monkey cap or a woolen shawl wrapped around ones head.

How To Wear A Sweater/Pullover

As an alternative to the various types of jackets, the sweater can make a style statement when it is carefully chosen. The sweater due to its half sleeved nature can be worn the correct size or one size bigger. Solid colours or self designs are good to wear with a jean or a pant. Designs with multi coloured squares or diamond shapes are good for family outings and functions. For parties the pullover is the best choice. The pullover has to be one size bigger so that the length can cover up the pant zippers. The pullover in solid colours are best paired with a denim and sneakers.

For this winter season, make your own style statement with widest collection of amazing sweaters and pullover for men from, the brand that defines men’s fashion in India. Made from the fines of wool, lamb wool, cotton and blended fabric, the sweaters offers great comfort and protection from the cold. The unique designs and stunning colors are trend setting and captivates the crowd. Get a pair of awesome denims and lowers that matches your sweater from Monte Carlo and get ready to party responsibly, this new year.

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