Women Capri For The Young

A Women Capri is a pant or extended shorts, with a three fourth length, which is below the knee and above the ankle, hemming up at the calf. The Capri is one of the most comfortable women’s wear for all ages. For the young women it is a style statement and also an image makeover compared to other varieties of bottom wear. Women Capri has the ability to bring down age by a few years, make them look prettier, friendly and sociable, the image every women like.

Women Capri For The Middle Aged

The Women Capri gives a fresh look for the young women and gives a younger look for the middle aged women. With the right selection of colour, design, pattern and a bit of alteration of length, they can bring their age down by several notches. Hence you can see a lot of fifty plus women choose to wear a Capri, instead of a full pant or a skirt which gives them an older look.

The Right Capri Selection

The Women Capri are usually slim fit and one has to do some adjustments on the length depending upon their weight and height. For eg., women with thicker legs should have the hem below the broader area of the calf where it starts to thin down. Likewise, for shorter women, the length of the Capri can be extended a couple of inches for a taller look. A high hip or high rise Women Capri make anyone look taller, hence preferred by a majority of women.

Capri, The Comfort Wear

The Women Capri are made in a variety of fabric from pure Cotton, Blended Cotton, Linen, Polyster, Lycra, Denim, Chiffon, Georgette, Crepe, Hosiery, Khadi, etc which are very comfortable to wear in any weather especially the summer. The Women Capri is the go to bottom wear in places which are hot and humid because it is roomy and soft, allows air circulation. In most of the new generation IT offices they allow women wearing Capri for work.

Formal And Casual Capri

Women Capri is can be worn as an official and casual wear with the right selection of top wear. A T-Shirt surely makes them most casual whereas with a tunic length top, jacket, short and long kurtis give the Capri a formal or semi formal look suitable for the work place. Same goes to the type of footwear one chooses for a Capri i.e., sandals, pointed shoes, thinner heels, etc., the type of foot wear which gives more exposure to the top of your legs to look taller.

Exclusive Women Capri Online

The most admired and largest selling Women Capri Online is at Montecarlo.in. With their awesome styles and shades there is no other store that can match Monte Carlo Women Capri collection Online. Monte Carlo has a choice of various fabrics, regular and slim fit, plain and printed pattern, core and fashion trends, formal and casual, high, medium and low hem lengths, high and low rise, fantastic colours. There is a Capri for every Women, no matter what their criteria is.







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