Without a doubt, a blanket plays a significant role in a newborn’s life. Babies loved to be wrapped around, feeling the warmth and comfort. Furthermore, there are babies who could not even sleep without it. Henceforth, it becomes ever more essential to purchase the right blanket for your bundle of joy.

At times, picking the appropriate type of blanket becomes a daunting task, referring to different forms, colors, patterns, and fillings. However, we’re here to introduce you to various editions of baby blankets presented by luxury blanket brands in India.

To know a spectrum of baby blankets, their types, and uses, read below.

Receiving Blankets

As the name suggests, these types of blankets are the most welcoming choice when it comes to babies. Moreover, receiving blankets are made to resist heavy use or laundering. It works perfectly in varying temperature conditions. Usually, these are smaller in size, impeccably covering that oh-so-fresh from the womb babies. These are made of soft and thin flannel cotton cloth.

Swaddling Blankets

These blankets are commonly used to swaddle or wrap the babies tightly. It further helps the infants to feel cozy and nestled. In addition, these are usually available with Velcro fasteners that help you swaddle your child promptly and smoothly. Usually, these are made of cotton, mulmul, muslin, etc.

Security Blankets

These types of blankets are designed to make babies and toddlers feel protected and secure at the time of sleep. Moreover, these are made of fleece, an ultra-smooth material. Also, these are used to a baby turns into a toddler.

Baby Quilts

These are a little larger in size and used as bedding and for different decorative purposes. Also, it can be placed on the mattress, mat, and wall.

Points to Remember when you purchase a Baby Blanket

  • The foremost thing to look for in a baby blanket is the material pertaining to the prevalent season. Take note, different materials possess varied properties suitable for numerous seasons.
  • The next point is to select the right kind of baby blanket, ensuring the size well fits your child.
  • Comfort is yet another thing to keep in mind while buying a blanket. You must ensure it should not be harsh on your baby’s skin. Thus, pick a soft and smooth blanket.
  • Lastly, the blanket you choose must be easier to clean. You can pick machine-washable or quickly dryable blankets for your child.

When we’re talking about luxury blanket brands in India, Monte Carlo is the leading brand. From mink blankets, quilts, to baby blankets, the company offers it in the most varied range. Besides it, Monte Carlo offers a spectrum of fashion garments for men, women, and kids.


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