Sweaters are a winter staple and with each new season, designers bring forth the latest sweater trends in the world of winter fashion. Different styles of sweaters go with different kinds of tops and bottoms, which is why you should have at least these 5 styles – v-neck, crew neck, mock neck, turtleneck and half zip neck, in your wardrobe for completing your winter outfit on various formal and informal occasions. Here is a guide to wearing these sweater styles –

V-neck – The v-neck sweater is a classic, without which a man’s winter wardrobe is far from complete. A grey, navy blue, black or maroon v-neck in merino wool can be worn with formal wear – over a shirt and tie or under a blazer. However, a chunky thick-knit wool sweater in any shade will go with jeans and a leather jacket for a funky casual look. For pairing with formal wear, make sure that the sweater has a slim fit, while a loose sweater would do for a casual look.

Crew neck – Along with the v-neck, the crew neck is undoubtedly the most popular style for sweaters. A crew neck sweater has a collarless neckline and can be paired easily with jeans and jackets. Crew neck sweaters do not have to be plain; you can have a number of them in different colours and patterns. For instance, crew neck sweaters with thin or bold stripes with jeans make for an easygoing, casual look.

Turtleneck – For a bold, unorthodox look, go with the turtleneck. A turtleneck is not as commonly worn as v-necks and crew necks, so it will help you stand out of the crowd. However, it is to be noted that turtlenecks are better suited for those with long necks, sharp jawlines and oval faces. Turtlenecks on men with short necks and round faces will make the neck disappear entirely. Turtlenecks look the best with suit jackets. For a more retro look, wear a double-breasted suit jacket with the turtleneck.

Mock neck – The mock neck is the turtleneck minus the folds. So, instead of folding downwards like in turtlenecks, the neck stands upwards. The sweater is for those who do not like the bulk of turtlenecks. It makes for a stylish top with casual jackets and long coats on men with lean frames.

Half zip neck – In the half zip neck style, the collars rise up around the neck, and there is zipper in the front which goes from the top of the neck to somewhere around the chest. The zipper is best left open with a contrasting crew neck t-shirt underneath. For instance, you could wear a grey t-shirt and put a navy blue half zip neck sweater on it. This style suits lean, well built frames the most.

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