The once specific crew necked top wear for absorbing sweat to replace the woolen jersey during games, the  sweatshirts has evolved in to all time all weather trendy clothing. Initially made only of cotton the top wear now comes in other materials as it become from a athletic wear to casual wear.

The sweatshirt has become a must have iconic piece of garment for women as it can be worn as a stylish outfit as a top layer. With its dual purpose, it is useful as a casual wear and also to keep oneself warm in cold weather. Neck styles differ from being a round one, V neck, crew neck, high neck to suit ones body type and liking. Some sweatshirts include a head covering and alternates as a hoodie with more protection from the weather.

As a sportswear or a casual wear, it all depends on the fitting. The more it is close to the body it acts as a sweatshirt that you can wear for the gym, running, cycling or any physical activity to absorb the sweat, whereas as loose fitting garment it is a fashionable casual wear that go with any bottom wear like Jeans, Leggings, Lower, Shorts, Pants, etc., depending on the occasion and where you are going.

The most admired modern top wear looks adorable whether it is worn as an open coat or fully zipped as well. The elastic ribbed hem on the hands and body makes for a fully covered coat to and gives a cozy and warm effect. With extras like pockets, hood with laces and patterns like the embroidered designs, printed, plain, striped, dotted and score of awesome patterns the sweatshirt is a style statement for any women of any age.

The closed sweatshirts are similar to the pullover, without a front open, has to be worn through the head like a t shirt. One can wear this for any occasion just like a top or a full length t-shirt,  both as a loose fit or perfect fit for a casual wear.

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