At that time when winters are playing truant, major winter clothing essential is a sweater. But before you rush to stack sweaters for yourself or gifting purpose, it is important to know what to look while buying men’s sweaters online.  After all, we don’t want wardrobe full of sweaters that we hardly or never wear. So, here are a few tips that might be useful:

  1. What is the material? – The thumb rule is to have woolen sweaters for warmth (ideal for harsh winters), cashmere for softness and warmth, alpaca for high altitudes, cotton for low cost and low maintenance, and polyester blends for popularity and easy availability. So make your choice accordingly but keep the material a priority.
  1. What is the size? – The fit of the sweater dictates its look. So take the size of the chest, length and sleeves length and then zero in on your favourite sweater.
  1. Which style suits you? – Will a round-neck or a crew neck suit you or a V-neck is more your type? Is a turtleneck with that folded collar look made for you or a rollneck with its baggy roll the right kind of casual that works for you? Why don’t you try a shawl neck with a wide, turned-over collar or a masculine notch neck with a small V shape around the neck? The no. of styles are equal to your doubts! Yet the answer is very simple – choose the style that suits you. That’s right! Men sweaters come with various styles and openings (half zip, button down, full zip) but don’t just buy sweaters; buy sweaters that suit you.
  1. Should I wear plain or patterned sweater? – A patterned sweater breaks monotony whereas a plain sweater looks smart and casual. Go easy on the pattern in case of formal look, since you don’t want your outfit to be the focal point. At a casual do, avoid the classic diamond pattern or even checks. Opt for bolder colours and loud patterns for casual parties and last but not the least, at a semi-formal event, give those plains a miss.

Now that you know what and how to buy, let’s explore where to buy? For online shopping, browse no further than where you can get stylish men’s sweaters online at an affordable price. So get best of both the worlds at Monte Carlo. Thank us later!

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