The much awaited winter season has finally arrived with all its fanfare, cold nights, chilly mornings, festive shopping, Christmas holidays, travel planning, all things necessitates to keep oneself warm and cozy whether indoor or outdoor. The time has come to wear the winter coat that not only protects you from the harsh weather but make your style statement wherever you go.

Unlike jerkins or windcheaters, the winter jackets for women are a more rugged and has a thick outer layer which acts as wind breaker and the soft inner layer which gives warmth to the body. Typically the winter coat is worn on top of another clothing like a top, t-shrit, or any garment which is more hugging. A good jacket retains the warmth released by the body and not allowing it to escape even in extreme cold conditions.

Choose The Ideal Winter Jacket For You

Jackets come in various specifications for eg., the style, inner lining and outer material difference, size, colour, hand and bottom trim, etc. There are jackets for a walk, a run or to just hang around doing nothing particular. If you are going running outdoor then you should choose a lighter jacket with less stuffing because the body will generate more heat some of it has to escape else it will be suffocating. A thicker jacket is good for other purposes. Some women sweat a lot, some have cool body so they have to know what they are picking.

The Fillings

The fillings in between the inner and outer layers determines the quality and characteristics of the jacket about their purpose. The premium material used for the insulation or stuffing is called the down which is taken from the skin of small birds like ducks, peafowl, pheasants, turkey, etc which are filled in small pockets and sewn like quilts, called baffles. However the cost is prohibitive to keep adding to the collection. The alternative is the synthetic filling for insulation with polyester which produces the equal effects of a natural stuffing material. The synthetic has an even spread so can be plain jacket or can have the baffle effect with cross or straight stitching to form a pattern.

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