The winter season has begun and will be long and hard like any other year. It is time to refurbish the winter accessories for a good night’s cozy sleep. It is time to buy the perfect winter blanket that protects you from the cold chilly nights with a warm motherly hug while you sleep.

Blankets are referred by many names like the quilts, duvets, rug, comforters, etc. Each has distinct features and made of different fabrics.

The Quilt is a multilayered fabrics stitched together by hand or machine, sometimes with criss crossing stitches across the length and breath. The outer fabric is made of soft cotton or polyester with printed patterns or can be made with many pieces of even sized cloth stitched together for an ethnic look. The Indian quilt is often hand made with block and vegetable prints that are wonderful and adds to the aesthetics of the bedding. The quilts are good for mild winter conditions like in the coastal parts of India where humidity is high.

The blankets are of two types. The ones that are the thick woolen or fleece made coverings that are heavy and protects from harsh winters and even snowy conditions. These woolen blankets are a single layered sheets that comes in solids, checks or stripes. The other variety is made of polyester and microfiber fabrics. These comes in single ply and double ply layers. The single ply is good for a mild winters and the double ply is for harsh winter conditions. The blankets are machine made and has a lot of prints and colours to choose from. They are available as a single or double length sizes, meant for a single person or to cover two persons. These microfiber blankets are as effective as woolen blankets but are lighter than other.

The comforters and duvets are of similar type. The comforter is of two layers and are light weight. The duvets are like a big bag with fillings inside. These are machine made and comes in beautiful prints and colours and are good for mild winters.

The best online store to buy winter blankets in India is They have a fantastic range of blankets that are light weight, comfortable and keeps you want throught the night. There is a blanket for every room, every aesthetic need, every colour and every design one can think of. Made with sate of the art machinery, the blankets are designed by expert in house teams with a quality material that lasts a lifetime.

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