The modern winter jackets are more stylish and enhances ones appeal greatly wherever they go. These jackets are made to withstand extreme cold weather and at the same time keeps one stylish, trendy and up to date in fashion. After all, the outer most clothing is what makes or breaks yourlook. Unlike the sweater, the jackets are the most recommended winter wear for men. The sweater has the unfortunate character of giving a sick look and are better worn indoors.

Mens winter jackets are available in many styles. They are no more the drab unappealing coats of olden days. Let us look at some of the popular types of winter jackets for men.

The Puffer Jacket For Men

These are heavily stuffed with polyester and are stitched like puffed pockets in squares or rectangular shapes. The thick stuffing in between the outer and inner layers are meant to withstand freezing temperatures. The stitched patterns ensures it is stylish and makes sure the synthetic stuffing does not accumulate at the bottom, between the layers. These jackets comes with side pockets, frontal zip and hood options.

The Fleece Jacket For Men

This is the most liked and sold jackets as a winter wear for men of all ages. These are padded and fluffy but not heavy and thick. It is lighter than any other coat, holds against windy and cold weather, keeps one warm for long and are easily washable.

The Airmen Jacket

Usually made of thick leather with an inner layer made of fur, has big collars, front zip, many large pockets, these jackets are good for snowy conditions. They are heavy and bulky, look stylish with a pair of denims and long boots.

The Peacoat Jacket For Men

These are made of thick woolen fabric for protection from the cold wind, they are double breasted with large extended collars and does not come with hood. Another heavy jacket suitable for harsh winter and minus degree temperatures.

The Windcheater

This is a light weight single layer winter jacket with a hood option, pockets and full frontal zip. Suitable for mild winters these are easy to carry, can be machine washed and quick to dry.

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