Tall men, where we talk about men over 6’, face a lot in life, from less knee room in flights and buses to doors that they can’t walk-in without bending a bit. Even shopping is no exception. Most trendy clothing is designed for men under the six feet tall bracket. But this doesn’t mean that tall men can’t dress up. Here are some style tips for tall men that will help you dress elegantly and walk with confidence.

The mainstream clothes might not be designed keeping you in mind. The key to dressing up well is to look proportional and elegant with premium clothing from brands like Monte Carlo. Choose clothes that are fit for your proportions, including shirt cuffs, shoulders, jacket length and trouser rise. You should also focus on choosing patterns and colours that support your overall look and do not overemphasize your height more.

Use layered clothing to give yourself more dimension. When the weather is cool, add waistcoats or a trendy shirt over a t-shirt. Go for a double-breasted jacket during winters. Layer up so that your clothes don’t emphasise your height. Layering up also makes it easier to pair up and carry different looks every day while having a smaller wardrobe.

If you are tall and lean, do not pair up your short-sleeved t-shirts with shorts. Try to buy men jeans online from the exquisite range of denims and trousers at montecarlo.in. Showing both your arms and legs can make you look leaner and taller. So, it’s best to pair up short-sleeved uppers with full jeans.

When you buy men jeans online or from any of the branded outlets in your city, remember to avoid low-rise pants. Opt for jeans with mid to high-rise cuts for a more balanced and proportionate look. Similarly, you should say a big ‘NO’ to vertical stripes. They make you look thinner and taller too.

This style guide for tall men must have given you a few ideas on how to get the perfect look for yourself. Try it out!

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