Can you wear jeans and still look dressy? Interestingly, jeans is so versatile that if you style it right, you can be party ready in your favourite pair of jeans. Think no more and read on for wearing jeans the party way:

  1. Wear jeans with knee-length boots and broad belt. Keep your shirt tucked in and you’re ready to rock.
  2. Look classy in ripped jeans with a pair of stilettoes and funky hair accessory. Ditch your regular hairstyle for a teased crown and high ponytail or a side-braid or even a bouffant with curls.
  3. Strappy sandals, a classic jacket or shrug and minimalist make-up is all you want to photo-bomb. You could even opt for a bold, bright coloured jacket or a long coat.

Now that you’ve got styling right did we hear you say the word ‘fit’? Well, perfect fit in jeans requires hard work. So here are a few tips to get celeb-ready fit in jeans:

  • Buy jeans that sit firm on you. Jeans stretch to half a size more so bear this in mind while jeans shopping.
  • Yes you can wear that better fitting pair of jeans with an “M” label on it. Men’s jeans sometimes fits us well. So what?
  • If the same size doesn’t fit you an year later don’t press the panic button. Sizes change. Go with the flow.

And lastly, whether it’s fit or style, go for branded jeans especially if you’re buying jeans online. Don’t compromise with quality. Go for the best like which has the best and coolest collection in branded jeans online. Go rule.


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