Think of men’s sweatshirt and your mind creates this image of a casual guy in jeans and sneakers with a plain grey sweatshirt thrown in. A partly correct image by the way, since sweatshirts for men has long been associated with versatility and comfort. But style is a different story altogether.

But before we give you style tips, let’s look at what sort of habits make you a stylish man. Yes. You have to make style your habit, not an option. Develop your personal style and make it embedded in your system as a habit to make it an effortless style. So here goes:

  1. Be neat and clean. Women like well-groomed men. Make it a habit to be neatly turned out.
  2. Give away your old, worn out clothes. Keep the old favorites to minimal, please! All can’t possibly be everybody’s favourite.
  3. Broken zippers, torn sides, ripped clothing, stained clothes – all are a big no-no.
  4. Use colour now and then, unless Mark Zuckerberg’s all-grey inspires you! But seriously, a dash of colour makes bold statements about your mood and style.
  5. Know your fit and size. This one’s most important!
  6. Last but not the least, be confident.

The best part about these habits is that they are simple and add that extra something to you. So with the fashion habits in order, let’s skip now to men’s sweatshirt styles. Pick one that defines you:

  • Layer up – Try adding layers to your regular sweatshirt for the proverbial twist in the fashion tale. This would mean t-shirt underneath, slim pants and sneakers along with your favourite sweatshirt. Sounds cool? Why not!
  • Collars out – Sweatshirt over a shirt may sound simple, but do make the effort to colour coordinate the two. Also, pay close attention to the fit. We don’t want body-hugging pieces. We just want correct fit!
  • Printed word – Unless you’re Justin Beiber, avoid wearing graphic sweatshirt with printed lowers. You get the picture. Prints look good – in moderation. Your denims might come to the rescue if you’re in the mood for some prints or bold colours.

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