T-shirts are a wardrobe must-have for everyone who likes to flaunt a casual style statement. This summer, if you’re planning to go for a backpacking trip with your buddies or a family vacation, make sure to stack up your travelling bags with your perfect travel companion – a basic t-shirt. But packing t-shirts can get to your nerves especially if you want to save space or to avoid creasing the tees when unpacked. So let’s discuss a few smart tips of stress-free and simple folding styles for guys and girls on the go:

  1. Spread out your t-shirt on the bed and fold both sleeves inwards.
  1. Next, fold the bottom half of the t-shirt behind or towards the back.
  1. Now, fold one half of the t-shirt (vertically) inwards. Then fold the other half too but let it overlap.
  1. Roll your t-shirt from top all the way down.
  1. You could pack your t-shirt like this or take the flap of sleeve and stuff the folded part inside the flap. Voila, your t-shirt is packed.

There’s another interesting and space saving way to fold your tee.

  1. Spread out the tee on the bed or floor and fold inwards from the sleeve.
  1. Now make another fold on the sleeve only such that the sleeve points outwards till the fold but not outside the fold area.
  1. Repeat on the other side.
  1. Make a fold vertically. Now two more folds vertically.
  1. You’re good to go.

Now that you know two ways to pack your t-shirts, stack up your wardrobe with more t-shirts. You can go for online t-shirt shopping if the weather doesn’t agree with you. www.montecarlo.in is a solution to online shopping for t-shirts, which is not just convenient but also has a fashionable collection. This is an amazing online store for shopping t-shirts that are stylish, of premium quality & by a reputed brand. So get set for tees shopping … and packing.

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