Few things celebrate summers like a pair of shorts. Be it men, women or kids, they are the first sign of summer having arrived and everyone lines up for their fix of the trendy garment. A true summer’s delight, they are comfortable and stylish all at the same time. They come not just in colours but varied prints that are simply too good to resist. Choose the best for you and beat the heat fashionably. Go for premier manufacturers like Monte Carlo that use nothing but the best in terms of fabrics and styling.

For men, the go to shorts are those in denims or muted colours. But of late, brighter colours and nautical prints are not an aberration but the norm. Pick those in soft cotton and linen fabrics for ample ease from Monte Carlo. Go for the ones that offer an easy fit and come with pockets to let you carry around your essentials. Team them with causal print shirts, witty quote tees or collared t-shirts in solid colours or stripes.

Women love to follow the latest trends and in summers, shorts and capris cover all bases. They come in ample colours, designs, cuts and prints to satisfy even the most fussy fashionista. Choose from cute shorts with floral, tribal or futuristic prints in neons, pastels and bright colours. Get you dose of colours in capris from Monte Carlo and make them work really well for a girly get together by wearing with a funky top or tuck in a check shirt to look high school chic. There is nothing to stop you from pairing it with wedges, sneakers and flip flops; suit your mood and relax in the season’s most favoured garment.

Kids love to play outdoors and with the sun turning on the heat during summer, shorts bring in the much needed respite, in style. Get them the most colourful styles out there for an enviable wardrobe full of fun clothes. Take care to go for shorts that are crafted from soft cotton fabrics in easy fits to ensure the sensitive skin of kids is not harmed by restrictive stitching.

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