Some men avoid cardigans as they deem it as unmanly. But do not let this myth fool you. Do not believe that this piece of clothing will determine if you are a real man or not! They are simply clothes. Cardigans have been a garment that is uni-sex which causes other men to move away from it as options for masculine outfits. But if as a real man, you should not let others determine the way you dress or what you should wear. Cardigans are not a feminine. All you have to do is find the right men’s cardigan and buy them.

If you have never worn a cardigan because of what others are saying, you are missing a chance of having a wonderful piece in your wardrobe. Having cardigans have its own pool of benefits that you will never know if you let this thought poison your wardrobe judgment.

How to Tell If it is a Men’s Cardigan?

Since cardigans are both for women and men, what you need to learn is how to determine men’s cardigans from those of women’s. Here are some tips that you can go with.

  1. Fit. If the cardigan is too tight against your skin, those cardigans are definitely meant for women. For women, stretching the limit of their sweaters are good to look at whereas it look uncomfortable and overstuffed for men. Cardigans for men should cover your belt when buttoned up and should have soft drape around your shoulders.
  1. Buttons. Men’s cardigans should have buttons that are modest or if not zippers or wooden toggles. If you see decorated buttons or those that are big and rounded, that features are feminine which means you should not buy them.

What to Look for In Finding Quality Cardigans

While shopping your cardigan online, you should be aware about the quality of what you are buying. Regardless if it is your first time to buy cardigans for men or not, you of course want them to be of premium quality. Here are the points that you should focus on while picking your cardigan:

  1. When buying anything to add in your wardrobe, you would not want something that is almost similar with what you already have. Another thing to consider is if that piece will go along with the wardrobe pieces you have. Blue, earth tones and dark gray are the colours for men’s cardigans that are the most flexible though they also happened to be the most generic too. On the other hand, brighter colors are more attractive and eye-catching but then they are not that flexible.
  1. While buying your cardigan, you should be careful with its fit & not just in determining if it is for men or women. It should provide ease of movement but you should also ensure that it will not be soggy.
  1. While checking any garment, the construction is quite something. Feel it then think how much you can enjoy wearing it. If it does not much, then you should find something else.

When it comes to your wardrobe, you need to think of what you need. If it is a cardigan, then go for it. Men’s cardigans are just there and you only need some guide while selecting them so as to pick the one that is perfectly made for you.

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