As the name implies, the long coat for women is a below knee length over coat that are worn over other tops to give a complete finished look. These are worn as a winter clothing that are popular in cold weather countries around the world. It gives a stately look that enhances ones image and express their fashion quotient. The long coat is worn by men and women for centuries as a form of social status. It has evolved in to a trendy outfit for the modern women.

Types Of Long Coats

The long coat for women are of two types. The overcoat and topcoat. There is a different between an overcoat and topcoat. They vary in style and what it is made of. The overcoat is made of thicker fabric like gabardine or fur which are heavier. The topcoat is lighter and are made using cotton blend fabric. A long coat can of both types. The coats are buttoned down with a large neckline and collar, varying styles that comes with hip belts, large frontal pockets, side pockets, etc.

Long Coats That Suits Everyone

The long coat can be worn by everyone irrespective of their body shape or size. Because it is meant as an overlay above the regular top, it is supposed to be loose fitting. So the selection should be one size bigger than other regular fit dresses. An even larger size will look messy with a hanging shoulder and extra arm length. For a shorter body structure, one has to choose a topcoat which has thigh length hem rather than ones with knee length hem.

Bottom Wear For Long Coats

Any jean, denim, legging, jegging, ankle length bottom wear goes well with long coat as long as it is tight fitting and not very loose. The coats come in various designs like the solid, striped, checked, printed that can be worn as a casual wear. The solids can be worn for official gatherings and so on. The long coat is best suited as a winter wear, so as a summer wear the top coat with less hem length or a jacket is recommended. The high heeled boots are the best footwear for long coats as it compliments the outfit well.

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