Did you know that the word jacket comes from the French word jaquette which means a lightweight tunic? And also that there are a whopping 64 varieties of jackets available around the world! This trivia is sure to bowl you over, though jacket lovers swear by the clothing’s effortlessly comfortable style especially when the climate gets colder.

From the classic jacket to the rocker style, jackets have had women swooning over guys. Need any more reasons for stocking up, rather, investing in jackets?

You can buy jackets that suit your individualistic personality type. Let’s take a look at three different types:

  • The Sporty Guy – A durable, functional jacket would be more of you if you are an outdoor person.
  • The Metro Man – For urban styles, you can pick the classic or rock star type jackets on a date or a concert.
  • The Bike Buddy – For the bikers, a leather jacket or hooded jackets in faux fur would provide covering and style both.

For jackets that are a trendy blend of style and affordability, why don’t you check out the suave collection of men’s jackets online at www.montecarlo.in? You could buy one for yourself or gift it to your friend. One look would leave you smitten with this winter essential that will not only protect you from the cold winter winds but also add a style statement to your persona.

For starters, the Monte Carlo website hosts an assortment of jackets for men. In zippers there are options of sleeveless and with sleeves variety. A reversible jacket may also catch your eye for its sheer functionality. The hooded collar necks add charisma whereas the checks pattern and striped jackets lend a class. The wool blend jackets in T neck are sure to set you apart from the crowd. But that’s not all! Spoiling you with choices that will leave you asking for more are the colours. Brazen Browns, Oomph of Oranges, Gusto of Greys, Ravishing Reds and Bewitching Blues all vie for your attention at www.montecarlo.in

So guys, jet set in jackets this winter!

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