Almost one-third of our life is spent in bed, do you know it? And that’s certainly a lot of time! Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that you’re comfortable enough when you’ve your bedtime. Also, it simply can be with good quality and soft bed sheets.

Is it time for you to purchase new bedsheets?

–              Pick the Right Size

Size is the foremost aspect while picking the right bedsheet for your bed. If you remember, in earlier times, beds come in standard sizes only – single, twin, double, queen, or king. But in today’s world, where mattresses have evolved substantially, it becomes essential to get the right size bed sheet for the same. To prevent slip-off, you should buy the correct fit with proper coverings around the edges. Also, if you’re looking to have a smooth purchase, check double or single bed sheets online in India.

–              Thread Count for Extra Softness

If you’ve ever thought about how a bed sheet is so soft and cozy, apparently, it is due to the thread count. Also, as it gets higher, sheets become more comfortable. It is commonly called the TPI. It measures how many threads are embedded per square inch of fabric. In addition, it can range between 150 and thousands. Lastly, it is suggested to avoid those bed sheets with a lower count below 200 as they are tending to make your skin harsh and uncomfortable.

–              Bedsheet material

Another significant factor is the kind of fabric you choose when purchasing your bedsheets. Moreover, it makes an effective impact on the comfort level. Generally, the popular choices include cotton, silks, flannel, and satins. Of them all, cotton double or single bedsheets are every household’s top choice, owing to their utmost comfort and snuggly. Furthermore, manufacturers craft them in varied colors, textures, styles, etc. to maintain the consumer demand. In winters, particularly, flannel sheets are used that exudes warmth. Meanwhile, silk or satin bed sheets oozes luxury. You can just slide into bed and experience ultra-softness and smoothness.

So, here are the checkpoints, you must keep in mind before heading to purchase bedsheets. Moreover, Monte Carlo is a prominent brand that offers double and single bed sheets online in India. Displaying numerous colors, textures, prints, designs, and styles, the company brings an assortment of choices to meet all types of client’s requirements. Check out their collection and place your orders today!

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