Long weekends are an excuse to slip away with your sweetheart to a place where you have plenty of time for each other. For those who prefer chilly winter winds and snow-laden mountains, packing for the trip may prove to be a different story altogether, starting with cumbersome. Heavy woolens that take up a lot of space, winter jackets, overcoats, stack of sweaters and cardigans, thermal wears, jackets – you get the picture, right? But not anymore! With these easy tips, you can make packing for winter vacations a simple affair. So let’s get packing!

1. Avoid the bulk – Heavy winter wear take up a lot of space of your luggage. Why don’t you try thermals and emphasize more on lightweight woolens in your winter wardrobe? Such options will make your luggage less bulky and provide you similar warmth. If unavoidable, you can carry bulky or voluminous clothes like winter jackets and coats in plastic bags where you can pump out the air.

2. Socks – Don’t forget to pack two to three pair of socks on a trip to colder climates. Don’t settle for heavy woolens but opt for lighter variety which is easier to wash and dry faster too.

3. Shoes – Leather soles are a big no-no for winter trips. Footwear should be comfortable, versatile and durable. Stock up maximum two pair of shoes to reduce volume of your luggage.

4. Winter accessories – Gloves, mufflers and head-wears like caps are best stuffed in jacket pockets or side compartments of your suitcase. Do take them along to keep you warm. Going minimal should be your thumb rule.

5. Pack smart – Pile smaller items on top of heavier ones and roll them. It’s easier to pack bags this way and saves a lot of space. Rolling also saves hassle of ironing clothes as they do not get wrinkled when rolled.

Now that we’ve taken the worries out of packing, the road is clear for you to take off to your dream winter destination with your loved one. And how about some winter wear shopping online at the fashion hub www.montecarlo.in where comfort meets style in a delightful way. Kick off holidays with a new you!

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