“And I can’t wait to see
What my buddies think of me
Just imagine how much cooler I’ll be
In summer”

When Olaf was crooning these lines in ‘Frozen’, there were some who were rolling their eyes in utter disbelief. Summer can be such a bummer especially when it comes to the more refined things in life, like style and fashion. We understand your summer woes. That’s why we bring you the smart-casual way to enjoy summers – the versatile polo t-shirt.

But before we delve into the style tips, let’s run through a couple of dos and don’ts lest you fall into the trap of sloppy casuals. Here goes:

  • Look at the neck – Whether you button up or wear unbuttoned, your perfect polo should rest comfortably on your neck. Neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Where does the hem end – While buying a tee, pay extra attention to the hem. Go for one that ends mid-way the trouser’s zip.
  • Check the sleeves – The ideal length should be mid-biceps. Can you even imagine the damage done by wearing a polo tee that’s long or short sleeved than the ideal length?

With these tips, you can now choose your favourite polo tee by making sure of the following pointers:

  1. Let the temperature soar in the workplace whilst you keep your cool by pairing your suit with polo. Jacket, trousers and a polo t-shirt look endearingly different, not to mention uber stylish. Tucked in or out, buttoned or unbuttoned, is not a hassle.
  2. Ace the vacation look by teaming up a polo t-shirt with a pair of Bermudas or shorts, and add a light layer of jackets or coats over it. Did we add tracksuit lowers to the list? Well, that’s the versatility of polo tees. They add a different dimension to your style. So you can go all out experimenting by donning printed t-shirts or caps as well. But make sure you cut off all tapering, loose and sloppy items from your wardrobe while playing with polo tees.
  3. Yes you can go all white. White polo with white slim-fit chinos and loafers looks classy. But if you feel shy of going too white then opt for subtle or pastel pairs like cool blues, minty greens or subtle beiges. Team them with whites and see the difference it makes to your wardrobe.

So, in just 3 simple tips you are ready to rock the polo t-shirt look this summer. If you want to add extra dose of panache, then procrastinate no more and log on to www.montecarlo.in where you can get polo tees and more at steal deals. Still waiting?


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