Are you wearing the dress or is the dress wearing you? Seems like an odd question but it holds true for most women. After all, how many times have we been complimented for “looking good in this dress” and “this dress looks good on you”! There’s a difference. So let’s make a promise to ourselves to always fit in yet stand out. Our dress should enhance our personality and not overshadow it.

What becomes a vicious cycle that first we get influenced enough to buy a certain dress and then we find that we have overgrown the style element so we push the dress back and wear something else that has caught our fancy. This simply creates a pile of clothes at the back of the wardrobe which are never going to be worn. In such a scenario, how do you wear clothes that don’t wear you? So here’s how to zero-in on a dress and stop buying dresses that you will just fold and put at the back of your closet and also clothes that you can wear and not vice-versa:

  1. 70% should be basic, essential material and the rest should be like icing – accessories, pattern, seasonal style, etc. So go for wardrobe essentials like favourite colour dress and pants or skirts. You could then team pants or skirts with you favourite tops. Speaking of which, you can feast your eyes on the fabulous collection of women’s tops available online at – the ideal destination for fashionable women’s tops online.
  1. Dress up according to your lifestyle and not fantasy. Don’t buy women’s tops that look good for a party if you’re a housewife or working woman with a hectic day ahead of her.
  1. Consider the climate so that you don’t get over or under dressed and much uncomfortable.
  1. Keep some outfits for everyday dressing. Not all the tops or dresses should be for red carpet occasions. Get real. You are going to travel in that dress and do household chores or office work. Why get unusually dressy and distinctly uncomfortable then?
  1. Does it fit you? This is one question that seriously needs to be addressed and yet many of us are guilty of this fashion crime. We buy dresses that are too long, too short, too tight or too loose. How about changing this statement and buying something that fits us instead? You can thank us later for coaxing you into buying something that is designed just for you.

So with these handy tips, get set to restructure your wardrobe into a more functional one that is built to suit you with clothes that obey your fashion diktats.

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