Bottom wear for women comes in many names, styles and shapes. There are the Lowers, Leggings, Jeans, Pants, Palazzos, Patialas, Salwar, Churidhars, Pyjamas, Tracks, Bell Bottoms, etc. These vary in style and with what they are paired with. There are some which are fully formal, some are semi formal and casual. The Women Lower comes under this casual category.

The Women Lower is an easy to wear casual bottoms which can be worn for summer and winter. The cotton blended fabric is soft on the skin, has space for air circulation and keeps the legs cool during summer. The knitwear polyester blend fabric with a stretchable character keeps the legs warm during cold weather.

Lowers – Dual Advantage

The Women Lower has the dual advantage being a casual wear for an outing and can be worn during a workout at home similar to track pants. It is light and comfortable, can be paired with any womens top. There are a lot of choice in style, colour and pattern in a Women Lowers that are trendy and vogue. There is a wide range of colours to choose, from the cool light colours like  White, Grey, Light Green, Rust, Pink, Lavender, etc and dashing colours like  Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Brown, etc., which goes well with dark or light contrasting tops.

The Women Lower blends in with any women’s top such as a Shirt, T-Shirt, Pullovers, Sweaters, Kameez, Kurtas, Jackets, Tank Tops of any fabric viz., cotton, wool,  polyester, silk cotton, etc. With a careful selection and combination the Women Lower enhances the look and appeal of the wearer manifold.

Lowers Classy Designs

The Women Lower comes in classy designs and patterns like the multi colour stripes which goes well with a plain top, solid plain pastel colours for the bold printed or checked top, classic checks can be paired with a white shirt, pretty printed for the t-shirt, the choices are plenty. As for the right footwear Women Lower, one can choose to wear a flip glop, pointed cut shoes, sneakers, sandals, depending on the occasion for which it is worn.

Best Place to Buy Women Lower

When it comes to Women’s Lower Online, Monte Carlo is the best place to buy your pair. Monte Carlo produces one of the finest Women Lower which are made with finest of fabric, latest trends and designs that are exclusive and available only at, the number one fashion retailers in India. Monte Carlo has a collection of must have Women Lower Online for the fashion conscious and upwardly mobile women of today.

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