Dressing for their body type is often associated with women, but it is important for men to embrace this as well. Everyone including men with a rocking body type can benefit from dressing up in a certain style that suits them more. It’s not rocket science! Our guide will help you know the right clothing style for your physique.

The Rhomboid body shape

If you have broad shoulders and chest with relatively narrow hips and waist, it’s pretty easy to look good. Most clothing styles fit this balanced body shape so you can experiment new trends from denims to t shirts with collar, round necks, v necks, blazers, and all bold patterns.

The V-shaped or inverted triangle body type

Men with a v-shaped torso (broad shoulders and chest but narrower hips and waist) need to pay special attention to what they wear. V-neck shirts and striped tees that draw attention to the lower portion are a great choice. Wear a belt or statement printed legwear.

The Rectangle body shape

If you have shoulders as wide as your hips and waist then you need to wear clothes that make your shoulders look a bit broader. Structured blazers that are padded in the shoulder are a good choice to enhance your look. Try to wear circular necklines rather than t shirts with collar or v-necks to draw more attention to the upper torso.

The Triangle body shape

Are your shoulders and chest narrower than your waist and hips? Try fixing your look by making your lower half appear larger than the upper body. For this, wear well-fitting clothing with button-down styles. Choose darker shades on the top.

Being one of the premium clothing brands, Monte Carlo has the perfect picks for every body type from jackets to jeans, trousers, shirts, coats, denims, thermals, tops, and more. However, regardless of your body type and the clothes you choose, what is also important is that you carry yourself with utmost confidence. No one looks better than a confident man!

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