“I have enough clothes and shoes. I don’t need to go shopping,” said no woman ever.

Someone pinned this on her board, much to everyone’s amusement. Do I see heads nodding in approval? Because honestly, this is so true! No matter how overflooded our closet is, we just can’t seem to have enough. Especially when online shopping sites like www.montecarlo.in tempt you with oh-so-fabulous women’s clothing that leaves you asking for more!

So let’s talk about sweatshirts for women today. You must be having sweatshirts in basic colours like grey and black. But do you know you can swing your ‘casual sweatshirt’ style and make it look more dressy and chic? Wondering how you can do that? Read on ladies:

  1. Go for leather skirts and red pouts for a date and make others turn green-eyed. This, on a plain grey sweatshirt and sneakers! Told you, sweatshirts can be great.
  2. So you want to look modest but stylish. No problem! Team your sweatshirt with printed scarf around your neck or on a bag or even wrist and wear jeans. And don’t forget an oversized bag. Voila! Our style queen is ready to kill.
  3. Skater skirt or pencil skirt. Choose any of these two to upend your style quotient.
  4. We like shirts under sweatshirts for workwear as well as loungewear. Sleeves rolled up and peeking through, collars out and bottom of shirt showing plus distressed jeans is a no-mess look, which is worth trying. Fabulous, isn’t it?
  5. Do pair leggings/ jeggings and heels with those sweatshirts. They look sassy!

For those who are wondering why they don’t have these must-have numbers in their wardrobe – no worries. Simply look for women’s sweatshirts online and browse a reliable name like www.montecarlo.in. Looking chic was never this easy!

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