A classic garment for a man, shirt is an integral part of any man’s wardrobe. Shirt is an everyday essential without which no man can feel adequately dressed. Shirts come in as many colours and styles as the occasions that require one. There are shirts that are very comfy and casual as also those that are perfect for formal occasions. By choosing different fabrics, styles, fits and finishes, you can have an enviable collection that lets you be perfectly suited for every occasion. Pick your shirts with a few points in mind and a few pieces will take you places. Get yourself a collection of smart men’s designer shirts from a reputed brand like www.montecarlo.in to be in sync with fashion.

The most important part of a shirt is the quality. From the quality of the fabric and accessories like buttons to the quality of finish, every bit counts. Buy the finest quality shirts for formal wear and office. Men’s designer shirts in a high thread count are best for this. The more formal the shirt, the lesser patterns it should have, unless it is to be worn for clubbing. Pay attention to the collars and fit too. Make sure there is enough space between your shirt collar and neck but not too much. Also, the shirt shoulders should not droop, nor to be too tight. Aim for a comfortable fit that is snug and does not cut into the skin from any place.

Special focus should be on the buttons as they can turn a simple shirt into a dress shirt. A more formal shirt may have mother-of-pearl or metallic buttons. For casual shirts, stitch detail is an important accent. It can be in the same or contrasting colour, adding style to it. Prints are desirable in casual shirts and offer relief from the boardroom pinstripes and formal plains. Choose them with care and have fun creating a different look every day. For Shirt Collection, visit www.montecarlo.in

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