Denims are the de facto garment of the fashion industry for six decades now. First weaved in France, it was made famous in the United States Of America in 1873 when the material was used to stitch a pair of pants which became instantly popular for the ruggedness and long life. In the 1920’s clothes made of Denim was widely worn by the miners and cowboys in the West.

Different Colors

Denim comes in different colours, but the most preferred colour is the Indigo, because of the way the fabric was woven, the diagonal pattern where the warp thread is dyed indigo and the weft thread is white, so the fabric will be blue on the outside and white on the inside. The beauty of this type of weaving is, over a period of washing the Denim garment, it fades gradually, giving it a unique light and dark colour combination.

Denim is also synonymous with Jeans, because the fabric was first used to stitch pants for rugged use. But Denims are also used to make Jackets, Shirts, Tops, Skirts, Leggings, Overalls, Shorts, Caps and more.

Denim for Women – Must in their Wardrobes

For any Women of today, a Denim garment is a must in their wardrobe. In particular, the Blue Denim Jeans which has the unique characteristic of matching with any colour top. The Blue Denim garment can be paired with light as well as dark colour garment which makes it handy for the Women in a hurry. Women’s Denim wear has come a long way from being a casual wear clothing to being accepted as a formal wear which can be worn for work and meetings. Women’s Denim are also the most comfortable wear for travel as it protects from the wind if traveling on the outdoor or from the chillness from air conditioned atmosphere, because of its thick material.

Women’s Denim comes in all colours apart from the most popular Indigo. There are the beautiful black, gorgeous grey, whispering white and dyed with dashing colours especially for Women’s Denim like the red, pink, green, mustard, rust, etc., which are trendy and gives more option for pairing with similar colour garments of other fabrics.

Different Types of Fabric

Women’s Denim also comes in different types of fabric that are lighter to wear especially for work and office meetings. While there are the coloured, washed, stone washed, acid washed and raw denim varieties, the best type for Women is the stretch denim.

For Women, the stretch Denim fabric , introduced in 1978 was a trend setter, as the material stretches like elastic and hugs along the curves and shape of their legs giving them a perfect fit. The stretch Denim is also soft and light compared to raw denim.

Womens Denim For All Occasions, Monte Carlo

The best place to buy a perfect pair of Women’s Denim is Monte Carlo is an international brand of repute for their quality and wide selection of Womens Denim. Their Denims for Women include Basic, Solid, Washed fabrics, fittings include Slim, Regular, Smart, Narrow, etc., in a range of original colours.

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