Nothing combines style and comfort the way polo shirts do, so why not upgrade your wardrobe with a bunch of them this summer? Our designers at Monte Carlo have created designs that break away from clichés and fuse in a fresh perspective to collared t-shirts. Here’s a glimpse of our latest summer collection for you –


  1. Monte Carlo Navy Blue Stripe Collar T-Shirt – If you think stripes are boring, then you should check out this cool collar t-shirt which has uses stripes for its design, but very inconspicuously. From a distance, a viewer will only notice small squares like polka dots adorning the t-shirt, but a closer look will tell him/her that the t-shirt is also striped. Now, that’s a trick t-shirt and that’s why it should be in your wardrobe.
  2. Monte Carlo Blue Printed Collar T-Shirt – Forget stripes, dots and checks altogether and think of a totally new design – if you think that only traditional patterns can work on polo t-shirts then this t-shirt will prove you wrong. A dark blue base and a light blue leaf pattern all over. This is a t-shirt you can totally rock at a party or a casual get together with trousers in a white or contrasting colour.
  3. Monte Carlo Grey Striped Collar T-Shirt – This grey t-shirt is stylish and sophisticated. It has lines in a zig-zag pattern running all over it. The distance between the lines progressively widens and then tightens again, and this pattern lends a 3D effect to the t-shirt. The buttons, collars and the bands around the sleeves are in a solid black colour. This t-shirt will look best when paired with black pants or jeans.
  4. Monte Carlo Aqua Blue Striped Colour T-Shirt – The sky on a clear sunny day and the sparkling green water of the ocean – this is what the colours of this t-shirt remind one of. Not only is this t-shirt soothing to look at, but the cotton blend fabric also makes it very comfortable to wear. An excellent choice for wearing to an outdoor day event with white jeans.
  5. Monte Carlo Pink Striped Polo T-Shirt – This t-shirt has stripes, but with a twist. Instead of being the regular horizontal stripes, they are vertical and in soft colours. The different shades of pink interrupted by blue vertical stripes lend a very elegant look to this t-shirt. It will look best when paired with blue jeans.


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