Jeggings are the most stylish bottom wear for ladies that provide great versatility of being a party wear, outdoor wear, casual wear and work wear. They are the ankle length combination of a jean and a legging that are convenient and trendy at the same time. Though it is basically designed as a jean type legging, there are many variations which are more fashionable have hit the shelves.

There are more style options to choose from as Jeggings have evolved along with the changing times. A tantalizing range of new patterns are available online and in stores that makes it a must have outfit for the modern women. There are the smooth cotton ones that are stylishly stitched with a large ankle, the regular fit and the slim fit, checked and double pleeted and much more, each one specially created for different occasions.

Best Fit For All Shapes

The ones with the stretch fabric are comfortable for both slim and not so slim legs. Jeggings are generally worn tight like a legging, but there are loose fits in cotton and polyester that makes one pretty even if they don’t have shaped legs. In fact the loose fits shaped like a pant is the best outfit for a party, work meetings or a date. For the no so shaped legs, one can wear a long coat or jacket or a cardigan to cover up to the knee or mid thigh and still get desired look.

Top Wear

A matching top wear like a T shirt, loose top, tank top, blouse, jackets, coats, tunics, sweaters, all goes well with the right pair of Jeggings. For instance, a tight Jegging pairs well with flowing loose top while a regular fit bottom can pair well with right and loose top. It is good not to show any bulkiness while wearing this outfit, else the suave look will be defeated.

Foot Wear

Anything modern footwear is good for the Jegging, like the flip ons, cut shoes, sneakers, boots, etc., each one that best goes with where you plan to go. The boots and sneakers goes well during winters and for holidaying while the cut shoes is best for a party, work or any other event that is formal.

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