If we talk about the greatest inventions in the history of fashion, then denims are definitely going to be among the top-tanking ones. They are versatile, tough yet comfortable, and easy to wear. You can team them up with t-shirts, shirts, jackets, blazers and what not and they will look just amazing. Of course, the fabric, design and fit of the jeans are of vital importance, which is why we keep innovating at Monte Carlo.

Here are some of our favourite skinny jeans this season –

  1. Monte Carlo Blue Solid Denim Style 2190872201DN-1 – In a lighter shade of blue, these jeans have a very summery feel to them. The shade of the jeans matches that of a clear summer sky. These plain mid-rise jeans stop at the ankle. They would look perfect with polo t-shirts in pastel colours.
  2. Monte Carlo Solid Blue Denim Style 2190872271DN-2 – Jeans in a deep blue shade with a slightly faded patch from the thighs to below the knees, this pair is a wardrobe must-have because it will look very elegant with your crisp white casual shirt or t-shirt. Made with a cotton blend, these jeans also have folds around the ankle that add to their design aspect.
  3. Monte Carlo Brown Solid Denim Style-2190872229DN-3 – Black and blue are the classic colours of jeans, and other than these two, it is very easy to go wrong with the colour. Our designers have spent a lot of time finding the perfect brown shade and designing the brown jeans in a manner that they look graceful. If you are looking for a pair of brown jeans – these are the ones you should have.
  4. Monte Carlo Grey Solid Denim Style-2190872184DN-1 – If you like experimenting with your clothes, then this is a shade of denim jeans that you should have in your wardrobe. Grey is not uncommon in denims, but a lot of people are unable to pair it with the right topwear so that they end up wearing it very rarely. We would pair these jeans with a pink polo shirt. What about you?
  5. Monte Carlo Black Solid Denim Style-2190872184DN-1 – Another classic must-have – black jeans come to the rescue when the blues fail. Black jeans can go with any colour, but if you’re going to a party, then team them with a t-shirt and a single-button, single-breasted jacket in a light colour.

Looking for the right pair of jeans? Check out our website – www.montecarlo.in for jeans in many more shades than we have been able to write about in this blog. Also, buying Monte Carlo jeans is so easy – just add your favourite picks to your card, make the payment and check out. Your package will be delivered to you very swiftly. Avail fantastic discounts on jeans when you shop online.


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