Hello people! Today we will talk about controversy’s favourite t-shirt – the V-neck! How often have you heard men exclaim – “V-neck tees are for women”, “V-neck t-shirts are so girly”, “Do guys ever wear a V-neck” etc? If this observation resonates, then do read on.

So let’s bust some myths surrounding the V-neck style:

Myth #1 – V-necks are only for girls.

Reality – Do you really think so? If so, then think again! Because V-neck tees are unisex

Possibly, you associate V-necks to women due to the fact that they accentuate the facial features. But keeping plunging neckline aside, V-neck tees are ideal for both men and women alike. So do give crewnecks a miss. You’ll be thanking us!

Myth #2 – V-neck t-shirts look good only with a blast of colours.

Reality – We would like to defy that notion because V-neck tees look classy when you pair a black, white or grey separates just as well. In fact, the look is quite urbane with jeans and sneakers rounded off with a jacket or a blazer. So no colour rules here! Try sunglasses and watch for a sleeker, more defined look. Go with your instincts.

Myth #3 – You can’t accessorize with t-shirts, least of all, a V-neck one.

Reality – Wrong again. Ladies can sport a long necklace for a casual look or a thin chain, choker or statement piece for accentuating the taller, slimmer look. As for the guys, a single chunky number should be more than enough.

Myth #4 – Short guys shouldn’t wear t-shirts.

Reality – On the contrary, V-necks are perfect for short stature guys as it gives the illusion of longer torso. Leave the turtlenecks for the taller guys though. Also, always wear your t-shirt tucked in. Don’t let the material hang loose on you.

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