As winters are round the corner, the time is here to bring out your blankets. Furthermore, there is nothing more comforting than a good blanket making you feel warm and embraced.

Blankets have been here since immemorial times. However, the modern-day contemporary blankets do not only display warmth but also illustrate style.

In today’s world, blankets have really come a long way and you will get a spectrum of blankets to pick from. While in previous times, the blankets are usually crafted from animal skins, plant materials, etc. However, gradually, wool and textiles came into existence and blankets evolved exceptionally. These truly have become a cozy, convenient, and functional accessory that every domicile needs. Therefore, from fleece, mink blankets, quilts, comforters, weighted blankets to duvets, the market is flooded with myriad choices and blanket brands in India. Lastly, you can check blankets in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns, combinations, and styles.

Popular forms of Blankets

The list of blankets that are ruling the offline and online marketplaces predominantly include:

  • Mink Blanket

The widely-used type, mink blankets make a very good choice for cold weather. They are highly warm and are available in numerous ranges comprising home mink blankets, designer mink blankets, super soft mink blankets, mini mink blankets, etc.

  • Fleece Blanket

Another popularly used form is fleece blankets. These are insulating blankets usually created of a blend made of synthetic fabrics. Moreover, these are lighter in weight and possess a superior weight-to-insulation ratio.

  • Throws

Throws are quite similar to blankets but are smaller in size. These can be used to meet multiple purposes. These forms serve as the enchanting decor for your couch or bedroom. Besides it, these are both ultra-comfy and stylish.

  • Quilt

Quilts are warmer and more practical in use. These are available in varied designs, patterns, and fabrics. The inner layer of batting oozes substantial warmth, making it extremely snuggling.

  • Comforters

These are the best choice when it comes to decoration and warmth. These do not need covers and are available in attractive colors and patterns. They’re filled usually filled with acrylic wool. Down comforters are always high in demand for their warmth.

  • Duvet

It is a form of a thick blanket and it traps heat underneath. The thick layer of fiber inside it makes it reasonably warm and comforting. Also, duvets need protective outer coverings to keep save them from dirt and damage.

Lastly, the blankets are commonly made of wool, cotton, polyester, rayon, silk, and acrylic materials. Mostly, in homes, multiple forms of blankets are required pertaining to weather conditions and needs. Moreover, for a better shopping experience, you can reach out to Monte Carlo. It is the leading blanket brand in India. Besides, it offers the finest mix of clothing, apparel, home furnishing, etc. From quality to durability, it promises that all.

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