T-shirts have been around for so long that we don’t choose to spare a thought about wearing one with panache. A t-shirt is something that we just pull out from the wardrobe and put it on without a second thought. But that’s not the case. There is a way of wearing a t-shirt and we tell you exactly how to make a style statement with your effortless basic t-shirt. Read on:

  1. Polo T-shirt – Yes, a polo tee looks good as your perfect outdoor companion but don’t just wear a plain one all the time. You can opt for a striped polo t-shirt as well and rule the outdoors.
  1. Striped Tees – Don’t go too bold on stripes if you want to wear a striped t-shirt. You can also try wearing trousers or skirt that contrasts with the colours of the stripes rather than matching them. Mix and match the stripes.
  1. Crewneck T-shirt – The ringer tee is for the bulkier guys who want to impress the ladies. A ring of colour splash on the neck and sleeves and a contrasting colour on the body does wonders. But wear one that fits you and isn’t too tight. No in-your-face fashion when it comes to tees.
  1. Quotations t-shirt – Cool quotes are in. But are you being smart or just a me-too when you wear one? Also, what does the quote say? Do you believe in the statement? Ask yourself these questions before making a statement with a slogan t-shirt.
  1. Graphic T-shirts – same with slogan tees, even graphic tees can either be a hit or a miss depending upon how much thought you choose to put while shopping one. So think before you wear!

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