In men’s formal wear, a basic fashion statement is occupied by the humble trousers replete with the waistband and belt loops. Not to be confused with pants, chinos or slacks. Did you know that in the UK pants are referred to as men’s innerwear? Interestingly, the oldest known trousers are found at the Yanghai Cemetery in Xinjiang, China. Now, could you have ever guessed that trousers are that old!

However modest your good ol’ pair of trousers is, do avoid certain fashion faux pas and keep rocking your style. Here are four ways to wear your trousers the right way:

  1. Say no to baggy trousers. Why must you wear large-sized trousers or even ill-fitting ones? If you can’t discard them, go to your tailor and get them altered ASAP.
  1. Don’t fold the bottom. Trousers are not jeans. Trousers begin at the waist and end at the top of the shoes’ heel. Period!
  1. Bulky pockets. Unless you are someone who commits fashion blunders with ease, please don’t have bulging front and back pockets. It’s not justified by your lam retort that wallet has too many things or trousers are too tight.
  1. On that note could you dump that tacky belt? No big, chunky belts please; not on trousers Think formal, classy wear when you don a pair of trousers.

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