Enter the hip-hop bandwagon with hooded sweatshirts or hoodies. Cool and funky, these oh-so-casual hoodies can be quite a trend setter. They are not reserved for rappers, as perceived! You too can make a cool style statement.
But before you go to fish out those long forgotten hoodies from the cupboard there are a few dos and don’ts.
First, the don’ts! The only thing is to avoid bloopers like too much bling or colour blocking or not matching style with the occasion. You wouldn’t want your hoodies to turn into fashion hooligans, right? So here’s your cheat sheet:

• Go easy on the chunky jewellery bit.
• Say no to all black or all grey look.
• Never ever wear those hoodies for men on a formal do.

Other than that these hoods make a perfect companion. So here are 3 ways to rock the hoodie look:

1. Mix it – Hoodies plus – answer this simple question and you have your new style guide ready to rock. So it’s hoodies plus chinos or jeans with boots or sneakers. You add to the list.

2. Layer it – Revamp the boring look with some style and a little help from layering. Go for thinner hoodies. Mix hooded sweatshirts and jackets or blazers to amp up the style quotient.

3. Colour it – There are these logos that limit your creativity, so what do you do? Simply add a patch here or a print there or team up with a scarf or muffler and what do you have? An instant makeover, we say!

Now that you have your style guide ready, do log on to www.montecarlo.in for turning your fashion diary to a live event. Why browse it when you can buy and wear it? So don’t waste any more time and look up the hoodies section of Monte Carlo and stay fashionable!

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