It was long ago when sweaters were a drag, now they’re all jazzed up and quite a fashion statement piece. Women’s sweaters have the x-factor in them, be it their design, their knit or their colour. And of course, comfort and warmth!

What perplexes most of the women is the fact that there are so many varieties to ladies sweaters. Take for instance, the colours: there are neutrals, bolds, prints, solids and pastels. Then there are necklines and lengths choices. What do we do? Let’s start by simplifying. Go step by step while styling your look with sweaters.

Here are 3 useful tips that will help you zero down your choice to the best one:

  1. The first rule of thumb. Never lose yourself – your own self – in aping someone else’s style. You are unique. Never forget that! So whatever sweater you choose to wear, ask yourself first – is it me? Go ahead only if you receive the answer in affirmative.
  1. Next, you should be stocking up both the solid colored and neutral ones as well as the trendy pieces in your wardrobe. Both have a shelf life of their own and can be teamed up to give you numerous glam avatars. So put an uptick on cardigans, turtle-necks, hoodies, round-necks and v-neck alike but remember to mix and match them with shoes, neckpieces, mufflers or other accessories.
  1. Thirdly, are you curvy, slim or medium? Your body shape will tell you which design of sweater to opt for. A curvier shape would mean prints and less layers whilst a slim figure would carry off wraps and nips at waist whereas a medium build would translate to drapes that avoid straight lines. So choose by your particular shape.

Not a word about where to buy? Have you ever noticed how a reputed brand means more design choices, flattering colours and good fabric not to mention nice fall and fitting drapes? That’s why you should go for a good brand like Here you will find not only unmatched designs and colours but also unparalleled fabrics and textures. So click, choose and shop!


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